Brad Todd

 I first got invoved as a Heepster in  late 1998. I had gotten in touch with my first Heepster Hani So from Singapore after doing some searches for Heep music since the stores here in the states had written them off. Oh, you could get the Best Of, but that was about it. I was into collecting every song and CD or Album I could find or money would permit.

 Hani got in touch with me and sent me a Christmas Card to my surprise and we worked up a good friendship over the net. He needed some lyrics to some songs and I submitted one to him in which he put on the web site before the current home site! I had never met my friend Dave White until Heepvention '99 in which I came down with extreme throat problems in singing with the band. I met John Lawton and his wife Iris in which became a fantastic week me and my wife Amber. Not long after that my wife Amber and I decided to put toether a CD and sent Dave White some of the music to put guitar on...

 The first song was a tribute to David Byron(my vocal idol) Called "Ode to the Magician". Dave was very patient and the first draft of our music and his guitar clashed like 2 titans in an arena. But Dave took it stride and wanting to get it right, did it again and this time it was awesome..Some of the best guitar I had heard in years! Even though I was new to this part of didnt come out to bad..Then Dave sent me some music just to keep me busy...It was him just jamming with his new Synth...nothing really special but sent it to me anyway..Mac Steagall had written the lyrics and I gave it ago...

 The first draft was ok but lacked punch and was rather boring to listen to and was too slow....I told Dave that it needed refurbishing and more punch...He went into the song ,revamped it and sent it to me by mail...I added vocals and mixed it and it became a hit on as it reached number 40 on the rock charts in late 1999 into early 2000.

 The song is featured on "Heepsters on the Web" CD and my own band name "Byre Quest"...There are countless stories to tell but keeping this short...Dave and I, along with others on this list are still collaborating due to the love of providing new and good quality tunes. Only now we use computers and servers for downloading purposes and can get raw music with in minutes with the cable modems. I enjoy making Heep tunes or at least as close as I can get! Dave White...what can I say....except stay tuned....the show aint over!

Brad Todd