In the beginning...

8..or is it 9 years ago we began recording as new found friends on the web, soon to be known as the Heepnet.

Bob Dreher (Illinois) , Dave Griffin (Tennessee) and I met in St. Louis in 1997 at Heepvention '97...the 1st one we had.

In 1998 (if memory serves me correctly), Bob Dreher and I recorded Circle of Hands...and we began a musical friendship that lasts to this day.

Dave Griffin and I began recording later in 1998 or 1999 I recall.

Graham Hulme jumped in with us. His skills as a musician, midi programmer, and all around great guy allowed us to reach new heights in our little world of writing and recording via mail, internet and Graham USED a computer !

Bob, Dave , Graham and I recorded together in various songs, (Including Pilgrim) additionally Michael Keuter from Easy Livin'
joined in on one as well.

Pilgrim, and Starboard Home with Graham. They were truly fun to record.

This was long before we knew about computer recordings...we had cassette 4 tracks machines, no outboard gear to speak of, and mailed cassettes to each other for adding additional parts to the songs. Michael told me that he put his vocal tracks for Weep In Silence (5mb download...was recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder and drum machine) on with his computer...I was mystified...little did I know that's how it would become for all of us.

Muzzy Fedysky joined us and add some of the most memorable bass lines I have EVER heard.

We never were really able to hear the progress of a song, but had to wait until it was finished, and the last person on the song, made cassette copies of it and slipped it in the mail.

What a day it was when a cassette arrived...I would jump in the car, and go drive around to hear it :-)
Then it was down to the stereo in the basement to hear it again...then my wife would HAVE to hear it, and maybe that's how it was for the others as well..

Dale Fredericks - he the melodious marvel poped in for some great vocal tracks on a tribute to Bruce Cameron, and a track from "Audience of One"  called  "Get In Line".

I could write about the people who have recorded together and with me for days...maybe one day I will. There are a bunch of them, and each in his own way, a great musician, but more important a friend.

 The good old days it seems...we spent the winter of 1999 I recall recording about 20 songs, and if I can find them, I will post them here.

All of us have moved on to additional things, but we all cherish these early days when the net was new, Uriah Heep fans were meeting for the 1st time, and the chance to be able to play and ultimately record Uriah Heep songs with each other was mind-boggling.

I used to have a website on Geocities called "Heepster Rock" where we could all download with our modems, the RA files :-)

Got that took forever, but it was soooo worth the wait for each of us.

I miss those days guys, but it's been wonderful to have progressed all these years, and to never have forgotten the feeling of when it started.