The Story of the "Lawton Version"

Song Originally written by :
Richard Wagner - Bass, Keyboards, percussion
Dave White-Guitars, Keyboards
Graham Hulme-Lyrics, Vocal Melody
Michael Keuter- Vocals

Written by Richard in Germany, overdubbed with guitars in Ohio, Lyrics and
Vocal Melody written in England, vocals added and final mixing in Germany..

This isn't a real long story...but it is sure one I will never ever forget as long as I live.
Graham Hulme. for my 46th birthday asked John Lawton if he would sing the lead vocals to the song River of Dreams as a surprise birthday present to me.

And he said YES ! Behind the scenes, and with my wife in the middle of all the plannig, John re-recorded the Micheal Keuter vocal tracks on a cassette in the UK, and shipped it to my wife. She kept it at her office until my birthday.

Evidently a great many people knew about it...I was the only one who didn't !!

Anyway, to summarize a few month process into a paragraph or two, John did a wonderful job recording and mixing over pretty battered 3rd generation copy of the original tracks from my 4 Track cassette deck, and the results were astounding !

It really was is a superb rendition of a song that I love.

Graham worked up the artwork for the cassette that I received above. I really nice package given to a very astounded Heepster !

Rodrigo Werneck., webmaster for both Uriah and Ken generated some artwork for the CD I received later, as shown below...