I had a ball recording music with Dave and the other Heepsters!

I'm a limited musician but I had some ideas for some songs so the usual situation was to put together a demo of an song idea on a 4 track recorder and then mail Dave a cassette of it. Dave would then give the idea a completely different take of the song making   it much better. A good example of this was "The Phoenix".

It started out as a shuffle pattern , up-tempo idea for a song and Dave slowed it down and gave it a different feel. "Big Dog" Griffin then came in and gave the piece an excellent vocal melody interpretation. Many other times I had lyrics and a style idea and gave it to Dave to run with. He always comes up with great ideas!

Additionally, I was very honored to be included with Dave, Big Dog, Bob Dreher, and Joe Doran in the Heepsteria project. The name "Dreamer" was very applicable because it was like a dream to play Uriah   Heep tunes for a tribute CD right there in Ken Hensley's studios. It was one of the most exciting things   

I've ever done and it was great to hang out with all the guys . My pal, Lannis Ethridge,  came along  to  St. Louis and he got some cool video to remember the occasion.

 Mac Steagall