When Dave asked me if I could do songs for 'Heepsteria' I accepted the challenge right away.  That gave my two bands, Mojo Blues  and PLT the opportunity to do Heep cover songs to be used for the Uriah Heep tribute CD 'Heepsteria'.

Both bands' songs were included to the CD! Thank you Dave for inviting us!

I also had the pleasure of playing with Dave on his album "Seasons of Fire", and I think we did a wonderful song together filled with Dave's harmonies on keyboards, and he does a little guitar break too!  Great played, Dave!

Dave is definitely writing good stuff - really putting great harmonies to his and others guitars.

I will also recommend that you all listen to his contribution to the Status Quo tribute CD where he will do a cover of the song "A Year" which he does instrumental on his guitar - it's outstanding I can assure!!  The Quo tribute CD is not yet released, but will be soon.

I hope we can do more together in the future, Dave....