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Drum Machines !

"Your Drum Machine and You" :-)

Some people love'em...some people hate'em..
No matter..read on !

Although it might seem like any old drum machine that sounds respectable might do the trick for you, it's been my experience that of the "more expensive" single components you can buy, if you are planning on getting a drum machine to use in your recordings, get the best you can afford.

Nowadays, they are STEREO OUTPUT capable, (very important in my book) come stocked full of features that make it easier to get a great accompaniment without having to program them (although you can if you like that sort of thing), and they sound great !

When recording your percussion, if at ALL possible record the drums on 2 stereo tracks at the same time...it's very important to give your stuff that "live ambience" thing :-) It livens up the whole recording. The machine will pretty well put the bass drum(s) in the middle, hi-hats on the sides, ride and crash cymbals at 10 and 2 o'clock, and the snare and toms placed in "correct positions".

It's very realistic when the "drummer" goes through a break starting from one side of the stereo spectrum, and finishes on the other side with a cymbal crash or similar ending. FOr those of you into midi, you already know how to do drums, but for the guitar players out there...GET A GOOD DRUM MACHINE !

They have tons of different patterns and sounds available ranging from Hard Rock, Blues patterns, Metal, Swing, Waltz, Country..you name it...4/4, 2/4, 8/4, 3/4...whatever :-) All you have to do is select the pattern and speed you like and let it do it's thing. Get a foot pedal tho in order to be able to start and stop it with your feet !

Boss and Alesis and numerous other manufacturers make affordable machines in the $150-$250 bracket and there is not much more I can think of that will get your recordings sounding better and inspire you to play and record more.