The Story of 

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Song Originally written by :
Richard Wagner - Bass, Keyboards, percussion
Dave White-Guitars, Keyboards
Graham Hulme-Lyrics, Vocal Melody
Michael Keuter- Vocals

Written by Richard in Germany, overdubbed with guitars in Ohio, Lyrics and
Vocal Melody written in England, vocals added and final mixing in Germany..
The song is getting it's debute at André Steyns radioshow Paperlate

Sunday January 10 1999 from 20.00 to 22.00 hrs.

Read this amazing story of a bunch of Heepsters (Uriah Heep fans on the web) who recorded a song called 'River of dreams'

The Story is told by Dave White Webmaster of the official Uriah Heep website.


I would like to record some 4 track with you…I am a musician in Germany, and I love the music of Uriah Heep. Would you consider recording a song? I play bass guitar, and keybards too.

Richard Wagner"

I received this e-mail one morning in 1996, and began a relationship that last’s to this day.

Rich sent me a tape of his that he and a friend of his recorded on a Tascam 4 track a year or so before he and I ever met. There were some good tunes on it, but one of these was a ballad that I instantly recognized as being something that I would love to record with him on. It was pretty long, and it had lots of room for many different kinds of things.

My problem was that I heard so many thing in this song, and I didn’t know technically how to make my tape deck do it…

I remember a winter day, and I sat in awe listening to that song in my basement. I think it was almost 8 minutes long, and I must have listened 5 or 6 times. As emotive, as anything I had heard from anyone, I was just dying to get started.

There were no words on it, nor did it have a title, but that didn’t matter, except that I knew one day it would. When I did my parts, I did them with an eventual singer in mind…there are places I only played rhythm guitar, or keyboards, or both, and then there were places for lead riffs.

The song starts out with a sole piano, playing a very simple riff that is only played once in the entire piece. It is accompanied by midi voice "AH’s", and as they complete their 4 bar part, a crashing drum and thundering bass start the basis for the rest of the song. I ended up playing a 2 part harmony guitar riff whose pattern is repeated all through-out he song, and I joined that with a keyboard track that accompanies the guitar. The harmony guitar parts are played while some vocals are in the forefront.

Over the weeks and months that Rich and I talked to each other via a chat program, we finally decided to call the song "River of Dreams". It definitely fit the mood of the tune.

2 years later this song would come back to me !!!

I ended up bouncing 2 tracks together, and adding a third in order to get the 2 guitars and the keyboards on there. I sent it to Richard as soon as I was finished !

He got the tape, and said it was "Wonderful". He loved what I had done with it, and it REALLY did sound good ! The only problem, was that my tape deck head seemd to be skewed, and the cymbals had kind of a swooshing sound to them.

After listening closely at it, I knew what he meant….DAMN !

"River" was flawed, and we both knew it, and I was fully intending to redo it some day soon…but it was NOWHERE to be found on the day I planned for…where the hell was it !!!!

Gone, misplaced, disappeared in the growing number of cassettes that seemed to be overtaking my available workspace in the basement.

I hunted for the master tape that he sent me for HOURS, and it just wasn’t there !!! I sadly informed Rich of that one day, and we were bummed, and he said he would try to make me another master tape, in the future.

Two years later, without expecting day I opened a cassette case, that simply said "Richard and Dave's Song" on it, and THERE IT WAS ! There was the missing "River of Dreams" master tape that had been lost !

Well ! I immediately set out to recreate and re-record the twin guitar parts that were on the original version I sent to Richard 2 years earlier. I had heard the song so many times now that I knew the parts well. I over-tracked the twin lead guitar parts, and added one keyboard part. After listening a few times, I e-mailed Richard the good news ! I had found the tape, and the cymbal problem was gone !

Graham Hulme in England had written some very good lyrics and beautifully haunting vocal melody. It was perfect ! I knew all along that if there ever would be a singer on this WOULD HAVE TO BE Michael Keuter in Germany. Graham sent in a demo version of the song, singing the vocals and the arrangement of the melody to me, as a guide for Michael who had agreed to sing on it. I liked Grahams work ! Mixing down from 4-track to a DAT tape, I mailed a copy of the cassette that Graham had provided, as well as the mixed DAT for Michael, and his results and final mix are what you will hear.

Michael's interpretation of Graham's melody was wonderfully performed in the way that only Michael
can !